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Content Generation

How? Where? Why? Ideas, ambitions, visualiations, purpose? Let us do the heavy lifting as we guide you through the often daunting process of content generation​. What is the purpose or goal of your video? What message do you want to send? What audience do you want to reach? Together we will arrive at a workable and affordable plan


Digital Media Output

From one film project can come many different films for many different uses. We provide a 'tool kit' of digital resources that are optimised for use on different media platforms, from web pages, online and social media, to tv advertising campaigns, on site audio visual presentations, to product launches


Planning & Budgets

A key part of the development process is to help tailor your goals and ambitions to fit your budget. Everything is possible and we can offer up ways to get the biggest bang for your buck! A financial and logistical break down will be provided so you know what you are getting, what it will look like, the tone of the material and a detailed timescale

Social Media

What makes a good film for social media? Is it reaching your target audience? Is it for your blog or to advertise your business or a new product? How to best engage with people online? Your films will be carefully constructed to deliver the right content with the right tone for social media 


We provide expert personnel to make your film, drawn from the very best people in the industry. From scripting, to filming on site, to editing, to adding music and a professional voice over, to final delivery to your chosen digital platforms


Digital Strategy

Let us help plan and implement how to best use your new digital media. What platforms to put it on? How to reach different audiences? How to direct traffic back to your business and increase digital footfall? We create an integrated strategy to suit your needs

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