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The Royal Society


Created 19 short films for the Royal Society featuring Prof Brian Cox as audio visual education resources for secondary schools. These included guided school lessons, insight into scientific research and industrial applications

Sugrue South Downs


Created short films to introduce Sugrue South Downs to the world of wine



Worked with inventor and innovator Tom Lawton to tell the story of his mesmerising solar sculpture Uplift



Created a series of short films for WineGB covering their 2019 Trade Tasting event plus the 2019, 2020 and 2021 WineGB judging and awards ceremony

United Grand Lodge of England


Created a short documentary film as part of the UGLE revamped tour experience, plus a series of short films for online and social media presence

Million Mile Light


Helped British inventor Tom Lawton create a short film for his Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create his Million Mile Light running light. The light had no batteries and is powered by the running action of the wearer. The campaign was very successful and Million Mile Lights can now be found illuminating runners all over the world

Lukoil Marine Lubricants


Made a fun and informative mini documentary film showcasing a brand new lubricant oil for the shipping industry. Shown as part of the company's product launch and for B2B advertising

Other Clients


Wildwood Vineyard-Logo_Red.png
Plumpton College Logo Master Full Colour

Elephant & Castle Urban Forest


Provided footage and video consultancy services to help create this film to raise public awareness and highlight the plight of the forest of trees that exists through the Elephant & Castle urban landscape

Prof Brian Cox Universal


Provided footage of the new Prof Brian Cox live stage show 'Universal' plus short explanatory pieces from Brian and Robin Ince to be used as part of the show's North American marketing campaign, particularly online and social media . Also provided stills taken during the stage show

Wildwood Vineyard


Lighthearted and fun films (plus stills photography and timelapse videos) showing the vineyard in action, used online and on social media platforms

Plumpton College Wine Division


Provided video production services to film a Wineskills workshop and then deliver the day's worth of lectures as individual films ready for upload to the College's online digital platform. The films were then made available for remote access as online learning

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